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Prostate Hose Has Cops Thinking 'Human Bomb'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 January 2012)

In Istanbul's Taksim Square, 82 year-old Ali Dayar of Mardin got the
attention of  the police bomb squad because of a hose running down his
leg. The police searched the old man and determined that the cable-like
thing on his leg was in fact a prostate hose.

Beyoğlu police had some tense moments last night after a woman called
155 (Turkey's 911) to report seeing an elderly person in front of the
Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) whose face was partially covered with
a scarf. The old man was displaying suspicious movements and had
cables hanging from his leg and waste, according to the woman, who
added that the man was carrying a market bag.

Thinking this could possibly be a 'human bomb' situation, police went
on alert and monitored the elderly man via MOBESE (street policing
camera system) and sent all uniformed police and plainclothesmen to
the front of the AKM. After a brief search, the police captured the
person fitting the description at the busstop.

The actual situation became clear after the police searched the man who
turned out to be an 82 year-old citizen named Ali Dayar. The thing
hanging from his pants cuff and waste was a prostate hose. Paper
and similar items were found in Dayar's bag. When asked by reporters
'why did the police nab you?' Dayar responded  'I really don't know.
They asked me 'what's this?' and I told them 'it's urine'. I've had seven
operations but it's still the same.'

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