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DJ's Last Song Plays Out in Çanakkale

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 January 2012)

Sercan Özdemir (20), a DJ who took the stage during a street party set up
at the Harmanyeri area of Kepez town in Çanakkale, began to gather up
equipment after the show, which was viewed by 500 people. But the DJ
lost his balance around 2240 hours and fell into an area beside the stage
that was covered with a canvas. Noone noticed the incident as another
group came on stage.

This other group started to collect its own equipment after an hour-long
show entertaining the crowd. A drummer in the group noticed a foot
sticking out from under the canvas and informed the authorities. The
young man was administered to by a doctor at the show's location but
later passed away at the hospital despite all efforts to save him.

Kepez Mayor Ömer Faruk Mutan came to the area after the incident
and cancelled the show. It was determined that Özdemir had died from
a brain hemorrhage. He has been laid to rest. The 115 kilo youngster
had started a diet in order to go to do his military service.

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