23 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

X-Ray Vision Out of Sight For Duped Buyers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 January 2012)

Approximately 587 people who ordered, over the internet, glasses that
promised to show others naked stated that the glasses they received were
normal or that the what they received had no relationship to the
promised item.

Among the tips sent to Istanbul police was one related to a rapidly
increasing fraud that makes one say 'enough!'. The number of people
who have reported the receipt of items that have no relationship to
the glasses purported to show others naked, which they ordered, is
growing by the day.

So far 587 people have reported the fraud to the police, either with
their real names of pseudonyms, and one victim in Diyarbakır claimed
to have paid 590TL for the glasses, whereas the lowest price paid was
given as 120TL. Only one person, E.K., has made a formal complaint
to the police, stating that he paid 150TL for the glasses purporting to
show other naked but that normal glasses, along with some tea, emerged
from the package sent to his local cargo company.

E.K.'s formal complaint has been filed with the Kadıköy Public
Prosecutor. Police have made an investigation and it has been learned
that the account numbers given in connection with the sales over the
four internet sites involved belong to third and fourth individuals.
(perhaps meaning cut-outs).

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