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Selling Stolen Goods to Victim Unwise, Thief Learns

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 January 2012)

On 21 January in Sefaköy Tevfikbey neighborhood of Küçükçekmece,
Istanbul, 20 year-old Yunus V. entered the home of Uygur Kurt and
stole a plasma TV in the living room and jewelry from the bedroom.
Kurt filed a complaint with the police after the robbery and then,
coincidentally, two days later Yunus V. came to the jewelry store where
Kurt works, saying that he wanted to sell some gold. Yunus V. took out
some rings and earings from his pocket but Kurt recognized that the
gold was that which had been stolen from his home.

After weighing the gold, Kurt gave Yunus V. an acceptable price but
said that he didn't have any cash on hand. On this pretext, Kurt sent
a text message to the store's owner, telling her to alert the police who
came and took Yunus V. into custody. Claiming that he hadn't entered
Kurt's home and that a person he didn't know had asked him to sell
the gold, Yunus V. was released by the court for lack of evidence.

However, Yunus V., who has a robbery record, remained in custody
because his fingerprints were matched to two indidents. Police were
also reviewing the video from the jewelry store.

Uygur Kurt who got his jewelry back, said that 'I work at the store for a
salary. A customer had come and asked for money for the rings and earings
because he was in a tight spot. I told him 'when you get some money come
again and buy them back' I kept the jewelry at my house for 3 or 4 months
and when the customer didn't come back I gave them to my wife as a gift.
On Monday another customer came and said he wanted to sell some gold.
He took a little bag from his pocket and put the gold on the counter. It
was like a dream. He put my stolen gold right in front of me. Right away
I sent a message to my boss Şahine Aldemir, telling her to call the police,
while I distracted the thief by ordering tea.'


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