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Playdough 'Bomb' Tied to Debt Dispute

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(F5Haber Website, 29 December 2011)

A 32 year-old woman, seven months pregnant, named C.Ç.D. went to the
Çınar police station in the Saraylar neighborhood of Denizli and told the
policeman at the door that she had been kidnapped by three people and a
bomb device strapped onto her.

The policeman took the woman to an empty lot next to the police station
and sought assistance from bomb-explosives experts who determined that
the device that looked like a bomb on C.Ç.D. was in fact made of
playdough, cables and LED lights. Efforts were initiated to determine the
identity of the three people whom C.Ç.D. claimed had kidnapped her.

The interesting incident occurred in front of the Çınar police station in
Saraylar neighborhood today at around 1400 hours. C.Ç.D. came up to
the policeman there and told him that she had been kidnapped from in
front of her home and then dropped off with the bomb strapped to her.
When she opened her coat the policeman saw the 'bomb' and called the
experts after taking her to the nearby lot. A security cordon was put
in place around the police station and extry-exit forbidden.

The experts, wearing protective suits, took the device off of C.Ç.D.
who was taken in handcuffs into the police station, crying all the while.
The device was determined by the experts to be composed of playdough,
cables and LED lights to give it the appearance of a bomb.

Denizli Security Chief Atilla Çınar came to the scene and stated that
the incident had no connection with terrorism. Rather, according to
Çınar, the 'bomb' was strapped onto the woman in connection with a
debt dispute. The matter is being investigated.

The local merchants were quite panicked by the incident, saying 'When
the woman came to the police station and told them she was wearing
a bomb they took her to the lot and removed it. The woman was crying
incessantly and holding her cellphone. All of us got away from the
scene. We thought it was a human bomb and we were scared.'

Police have started an investigation into the incident and are trying to
identify the three persons whom the 7-months pregnant C.Ç.D. claimed
kidnapped her. It has been learned that her father, textile businessman
I.Ç., owes money to the three. C.Ç.D. was brought out the back door of
the police station and taken to the Provincial Security Directorate.


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