9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

When Demanding Ransom Use Another's Phone

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(Posta Newspaper, 7 January 2012)

In Aksaray, Osman Altıntaş (25) who works at a cleaning firm, left his
house last Monday, saying 'I'm going to the barber shop.' According to
claims, Altıntaş wanted to go abroad for work so he called his friend
Ahmet Özan (37) and said 'I need money to go overseas. My father has
money. Call him and tell him 'I have your son and I'll kill him if you don't
give me 20,000TL' and ask for ransom.'

Özan called Altıntaş's father with this message but the father called police
who determined that the phone number used by the person demanding
the ransom belonged to Özan. Police took Özan into custody.  He
confessed to the crime and told police where to find Altıntaş who was
subsequently taken into custody. Both suspects were freed pending trial.

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