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'Schindler' Gets Religion, Relieves Himself in Istanbul

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(Vatan Newspaper, 26 January 2012)

Hollywood star Liam Neeson announced that he is becoming a Muslim after
listening to the call to prayer in Istanbul. He stated that he is thinking of
abandoning the Catholic faith.

The 59 year-old actor, who came to Turkey for the filming of 'Taken 2' in
Istanbul, said that 'the call to prayer was being sung five times a day and
the first week I really went nuts. But in time a person gets accustomed to
this sound. You start to feel the call with your soul. This is one of the most
beautiful sounds.'

Neeson noted that there are 4,000 mosques in Istanbul and he told the
English tabloid The Sun that 'some of the mosques are particularly
beautiful and sometimes I even think of becoming a Muslim.' He won
one of the world's most prestigious awards for the film 'Schindler's
List' and he has also acted in science fiction movies like 'Star Wars'.
He stated that 'I worked at the side of a priest at a Catholic church in
Northern Ireland. I was raised as a strict Catholic.'

Neeson came to Istanbul last month and he came to the attention of
journalists when he was caught urinating in Asmalımescit. The
successful actor lost his wife Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident
in 2009.

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