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Battle of Amerikan Island

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 June 2012)

Sellers who allegedly attacked municipal inspectors and
fired upon them, then tried to escape by boat in the Seyhan
River, Adana. They were captured in a police operation right
out of the movies. Ten people were taken into custody and
brought to police headquarters for interrogation.

The incident occurred yesterday at 4 PM at Amerikan Island
(actually a peninsula) on Adnan Menderes Boulevard. Municipal
inspection teams intended to close the shops of citizens selling
pirated goods. First the sellers and inspectors traded harsh words
but subsequently the scene turned into a battlefield, with both
side punching and beating each other with bats.

The security personnel at the scene proved inadequate so special
police teams were brought in as a group of the sellers began
throwing rocks at the police and inspectors. Allegedly, one of
the sellers even fired a shot at the inspectors. The police used
pepper spray to bring some of the sellers under control but
others set sail into the Seyhan River aboard the skiff 'Arzu',
in an effort to escape.

When this happened police went after them in a boat belonging
to the Underwater Bureau that had been waiting nearby. While
the police chased the sellers at sea other security personnel
waited on shore. Finally, the sellers were grounded on the river
bank, searched and taken into custody.

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