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Beach Volleyball in The Joint

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 June 2012)

A 'first' for Turkey has been recorded at the Samsun
E-type Prison where 10 truckloads of sand have been
dumped in the prison courtyard, creating a beach volley-
ball court.

The prisoners are very partial to the game and to make
it as realistic as possible sea sound effects have been
added during the matches. Warden Özer Duman, who
oversees 500 inmates, said that 'we have the best physical
living conditions of any prison in Turkey. It's impossible
for the prisoners here to get into fights because we have
so many things going on. We even brought the beach to
their feet. The cellblocks have a tournament between
each other in the sand we've dumped in the courtyard.
We also have a workshop.'

Duman stated that these programs have reduced the
incidence of crimes inside the prison and he noted that
there is a regular volleyball court, as well. But he
added that 'the inmates feel better when they play
the game in their bare feet. Their stress and heartburn
go to the sand.'

Duman said that 150 prisoners are taking high school
and university courses. He explained that 'our aim is
for them to have a profession. I want them to leave
here as university graduates. Our one desire is for
one of our inmates to one day become a professor.'

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