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Ten Kids Later, Acting Career Blocked

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 June 2012)

Seralp Ç. (42), the mother of ten children who lives in Yüreğir
district of Adana, signed up for a theater course.  But her husband,
a taxi driver named Yılmaz Ç. (45), got angry when he called his
wife asking where she was and in reply heard 'I'm at my theater
course.' Seralp Ç., who claims that her husband continually beats
her,  called police when this happened, saying she was going to
commit suicide. She then entered the State Waterworks canal on
Ege Bağatur Boulevard up to her knees and waited as nearby
citizens and then the police tried to dissuade her.

Seralp Ç. shouted to police that 'I'm sick of living. My husband
beats me every day. I'm fed up with his beatings. He threatens
to kill me. I don't want to live anymore.' Three policemen came
alongside her and tried to talk her out of suicide as she slipped
and nearly got caught in the current. Yüreğir District Security
Chief Kenan Çay also came to the scene to talk with Seralp Ç.
At this point, Cafer Yılmaz (44), who was returning on foot to his
home from work, snuck up on Seralp Ç. as she was talking with
the police and took her out of the water.

Seralp Ç. said that there had been three things she wanted to be
in life - police officer, journalist and actress. Although it was too
late for the first two, she felt she could still be an actress but her
husband blocked this. It has been learned that Seralp Ç. had
photographs taken with Yılmaz Erdoğan, Yeşim Eren and other
artists who came to the city for the Altın Koza (Golden Cocoon)
Film Festival.

Seralp Ç. was taken by ambulance to the hospital and treated
with sedatives. Previously, claiming that her husband was
beating her, Seralp Ç. had tried to commit suicide on the D-400
highway and held her children hostage in her home.

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