11 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

Cats' Curse, Bear's Bloody Nose

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 June 2012)

In the Şişli neighborhood of Istanbul, animal-lovers set up
shelters for street cats, located in the back garden of the
offices of the neighborhood mayor, Yaşar Doğu, who served
for 42 years.  When Doğu died in 2011 his place was taken
by the senior member of the neighborhood council, Aziz
Akay, and the shelters were removed.

The animal-lovers then waged a six-month propaganda campaign
against Akay, who hoped to be elected mayor in his own right.
His competitors made promises about the cats, leading Akay
to pull out of the 3 June election in anger. Afterwards, Akay
made a statement, saying that 'yes, the cats made quite a filthy
mess but it wasn't me who had the shelters removed. City teams
came and removed them because of complaints.'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 June 2012)

Mustafa Doğan (52) went for a picnic with his family near the
village of Boğazkaraderbent in Pülümür district of Tunceli province
and was attacked by a bear yesterday around noon while strolling
in the forest there. His relatives alerted authorities and Doğan was
taken to Tunceli State Hospital by helicopter after the attack. His
right leg was broken and he suffered bruises all over his body.
Describing the attack, Doğan said that 'I fought with the bear for
ten minutes. It was a very big bear but in the end I punched it in
its nose, which began to bleed. I didn't show fright. If I had it
would have torn me to bits.'

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