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Killing Machine Spells Own Demise

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 June 2012)

In Gaziantep, a murder suspect who killed three people wrote a
note when he killed his fourth, leaving a note on the body for the
next victim with the message 'it's your turn'. The note, however,
led to his arrest.

Last November three individuals who had a disagreement over
money with the Uçar family were attacked, with Yılmaz Ilik (36),
Yılmaz Kaya (31) and Eyüp Elalmış dying in a hail of bullets.
More than 50 empty cartridges were found on the blood-stained
street by the police murder squad which took Osman Uçar (22),
Emrah Bulut (18) and Mehmet Diksa'yı (26) into custody. One
of the suspects, Ahmet Uçar, escaped.

The body of Erdal Tüm (40) was found near Yağdöver village
last month with a note pinned to it which read 'you got what
you wanted. Now it's your turn...'. The name of the next victim
was written on the note, as well. Gendarmerie teams determined
that the murder had been committed because of bad feelings over
farm credits and that the suspect was Ahmet Uçar.

After a lengthy surveillance Uçar was caught. He was quite
surprised to see the police and had selected five more victims
for murder.

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