13 Haziran 2012 Çarşamba

Horsepower-averse Horse Spooked

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 12 June 2012)

In Rize, Mustafa Memoğlu, who runs a salmon trout farm there,
put a generator on the back of a horse and started it up, spooking
the horse which ran away. The horse was found in a different
valley about three hours later gasping for breath.

A group of Swiss tourists had asked for help from the mayor of
Sahil village, Memoğlu, because they were planning to spend a
week in the upper portions of Koçdüzü valley, staying at a house
with no electricity or even a road. In response, Memoğlu loaded
the generator onto the horse's back for the 3-hour journey from
Ausor valley to Kocdüzü valley. He started up the generator
while it was on the horse's back to see whether it was in working
order or not. The spooked horse was quickly out of sight.


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