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Why UFO's Get a Bad Rap

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//ed. note: subsequent information has revealed that the
'object' in question is a street lamp.//

In Konya, Sadrettin Soranlar, the general manager of the local
daily Rasyonel Haber newspaper, took a picture on 1 June at
the well-known picnic area Küpe where Kuğulu Park is located.
The other name by which Küpe is known is Kibele Mountain
and this is where Soranlar snapped the picture that included
an interesting object in the sky.

When he took the picture Soranlar didn't notice the object
because he was wearing a sun visor so when he looked at the
picture on his computer he was amazed to see a UFO there.
The head of the SİRİUS UFO Space Knowledge Research
Center, Haktan Akdoğan, wrote a written reply about the
object in the picture taken by the general manager of a local
newspaper in Konya, since the question 'this is a UFO, isn't it?'
came up.

In his statement, Akdoğan emphasized that the photograph was
the clearest one taken up to now and he added that 'the object
in the photograph is a UFO. We determined after investigating
that there was no fotoshopping at all done to the photo and
our center provided an official research conclusion report to this
effect.  Even though many people don't want to believe it, UFO's
are for real. People have to accept this henceforth.'

Akdoğan added that he and his team went to the Kibele Mountain
site in Seydişehir, Konya, for their investigation. He stated that
'the site where the picture was taken is now very important for us.
We will soon go there with our expert friends to conduct the
requisite scientific work.'

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