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Rookie Thieves Get Master's Lesson

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(Posta Newspaper, 16 June 2012)

In Sarıyer, Istanbul, some thieves entered the home of Waterworks
official Kenan O. in the early hours of 11 June and stole a safe.
Police teams looked into the matter after Kenan O. informed them
of it and found that there had been no forced entry. The police also
found the taxi used by the robbers after looking at video images and
tracked down the taxi driver, who told them that he had also become
suspicious of the group, which had loaded something wrapped in a
blanket into the truck of his taxi, and took a picture of them without
being noticed.

Police then raided the residence where the taxi driver had brought
the suspects in Fatih and took Recep K.(24), Lokman D.(20), Burak
E.(26) and Oğuz K.(22) into custody. The interrogation of the suspects
yielded a tale worthy of a film. Recep K. confessed to the crime and
provided police with the details, as follows: 'a girlfriend of ours lives
in the house we robbed. We met her while chatting in a cafe. One of
my friends who helped in the robbery is her boyfriend, Oğuz K. As
we were chatting about our respective fathers' wealth, the girl said
that her father had a safe in their house.

A bit later, Oğuz K. and Burak E. took the house key from the girl's
handbag and made a copy of it. When the girl left work and went
home they followed her and found out where it was. On 11 June,
Oğuz K. invited his girlfriend to come to Beşiktaş to have breakfast.
Recep K.added that 'we learned at this time that there was noone in
the house so while they had breakfast we went to the house and stole
the safe.'

Recep K. said that they first brought the safe to their home in Fatih
but when they couldn't open it they brought it to Okmeydanı where
an experienced thief opened the safe. Inside they found 10,000 Euros,
a licensed handgun and passports.  Before disappearing, the master
thief took 8,000 Euros, the handgun and the passports for himself,
leaving the suspects with just 2,000 Euros.

Recep K., Lokman D., Burak E. and Oğuz K. were transported to
jail. The master thief who opened the safe is being sought by police.

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