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B-Movie Scenario Plays Out in Izmir

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 October 2012)
Femme fatale Z.G. & cohorts

In Bayrakli district of Izmir, coffee shop owner
Serkan B. and four other people, including one
woman, cooked up a fraud scenario that could
pose a challenge to Hollywood movies. Serkan B.
learned that auto repairman Murat M., his workplace
neighbor, had come into an inheritance from a

According to their plan, a young woman named Z.G.
brought her car to Murat M.'s shop on the pretext
that there was a problem with it. Next, Baran A.A.
came to the shop and claimed that Murat M. had
sexually harassed his wife Z.G. Baran A.A. heaped
threats on Murat M. prompting supposed good-neighbor
Serkan B. to step in and defend Murat M.

Serkan B. invited Baran A.A.to come to a deserted
mountain area in Bornova to 'settle the score', along
with Murat M. Once there gunfire was exchanged and
Baran A.A. seemingly fell dead. Escaping from the
'murder scene' the gang members demanded and got
money from Murat M. because 'you participated in
the murder.'

Subsequently, Murat M. complained to the the police
and eight gang members were arrested, to include
('the late') Baran A.A., (good-neighbor) Serkan B.,
Ilhami B. and Mehmet C.G.

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