16 Ekim 2012 Salı

Victory on Pitch, Defeat in Locker Room

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 October 2012)
Window of vulnerability

The day before yesterday the Adalarspor football
team, which plays in the Istanbul First Amateur League,
got a robbery shock after its match with Tokatkoy in
Pendik. Coming off their 6-2 victory the players returned
to the locker room to find that all their things had been
stolen. Some thieves had entered through an open window
and taken all the players' cellphones, credit cards, identity
cards and cash. The robbers exited through the same window.

Upon realizing what had happened, team chief Yusuf Bahar
called stadium police, who brushed everywhere for fingerprints.
Although the stadium was constructed at great expense there
are no security cameras.

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