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Doomsday Rescue Point's Hotels Full

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 October 2012)
Starbase II (Sirince)

Those who believe that disaster will strike on
21 December 2012, according to the Mayan
calendar, have reinvigorated the town of
Sirince in Izmir's Selcuk district. Each year
the village usually sees a sharp downturn in
tourism during the Christmas season but this
year, because of the flow of those awaiting
'disaster', it's 100% full.

An organization known as "Blue Energy Group"
thinks that only Sirince and Bugarach, a village
in the south of France, will not be affected by
the calamity. According to the group's belief,
a (space) ship will come to Sirince and rescue
all the people there, taking them to a safe place
to avoid the disaster.

Engin Vatan, the owner of Mistik Konaklari
(Mystic Mansions) in Sirince, said that "the
demand for 2012 end-of-year reservations started at
the beginning of the year. Foreigners from around
the world are rushing here."  The manager of Erdem
Konaklari (Mansions of Virtue) in Sirince, Mustafa
Yildirdi, added that "the number of tourists has
increased. Most of our rooms have been sold."

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