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Build a Tomb and They Will Come

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 October 2012)
Tomb attracts the faithful

In Kavak district, Samsun, those who see the
marble tomb on the upper floor of Hatim Yeriskin's
three-story house are somewhat bewildered.
Yeriskin, who has worked in the marble business
for 11 years and who is married with two children,
says that he's gotten no respite since he built the
tomb as an advertisement.

Because his house is located on the main road to
Ankara and Istanbul, the tomb has been noticed
by quite a number of people, who then stop to pay
a visit. Explaining further, Yeriskin said that "we put
this tomb on the third floor of the house as an
advertisement and display since our store is below
street level and can't be seen readily. But shortly
afterwards people started stopping to visit the tomb,
thinking a saint is interred there."

Continuing, Yeriskin noted that "some of the visitors
make a bet with each other as to whether it's a saint's
tomb, a grave or an ad. They all want to see it and we're
fed up with all these people going up to the third floor
to look at it."

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