10 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

'Bride' Missed Her Own Wedding

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 October 2012)

In Diyarbakır, Leyla O. (24) got a court order for
protection against her live-in boyfriend who beat her.
But when she went to get a passport she was in for
a shock, learning that her abusive boyfriend had
'married' her and changed her name.

Leyla O. immediately went to the Marriage Bureau
and looked at the records, only to find her own picture
along with those of the witnesses who attended the
'wedding'.  Leyla O. asserted that her boyfriend had
brought another woman to the bureau and 'married'
her in Leyla O.'s name.

Leyla O. filed a complaint with the prosecutor and
told the court that 'I left him. He did this so I can't
marry anyone else.' H.O., the boyfriend, though, stated
that he had 'married' Leyla O. of her own free will and
that he wasn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

The officials from the Marriage Bureau and the witnesses
stated that they couldn't remember the woman who had
put her signature to the 'marriage'. When the forensics
bureau declared that 'the signatures and photographs did
not constitute proof'' of Leyla O.'s claim, H.O. was

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