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Death Notice Premature

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 October 2012)
Mehmet Pinar, angel of death

In Altinova, Antalya, Mehmet Pinar (53) and his
friend Alim Karik (33) conspired to play a practical
joke on Pinar's uncle Cemil Atlay (64), the former
village chief. The two friends tricked the neighborhood's
imam into reading Atlay's death notice.

When they heard the notice read from the mosque,
Atlay's wife and sister fainted and his children and
grandchildren began to cry. Various friends and
relatives came to Atlay's home to pay their respects.
Atlay finally heard the news by phone while he was
in the town center, from relations who didn't believe
the death notice.

Atlay filed a complaint against Pinar and Karik, who
were found guilty by the Antalya Third Court of First
Instance and given a 2.5 month jail sentence for
'disturbing a person's peace of mind.'  The judge then
suspended the sentence but Atlay opened a civil suit
against the two friends for pain and suffering, asking
for 20,000 TL from each of them.

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