11 Ekim 2012 Perşembe

Brit Pranksters Face Own 'Midnight Express'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 October 2012)
Boys night out...jail beckons

In Sariyer, Istanbul, three high school-aged
tourists have been taken to court for letting the
air out of car tires for the fun of it. The incident
occurred on the street of a friend's home where
the youngsters had been drinking.

The prank took place at about 1 AM on 16 August
in the Tarabya section of Sariyer. Citizens on their
way to work in the morning noticed that their car
tires had gone flat.

The police looked at security camera video and did
some research, finding out that the tires had been
flattened by three English boys - Hugor Rory Rixon
Brown, Stefan Mark Gerard and David Graham
Gilfillan - who had come to Istanbul from South

The three tourists stated at the police station that
they had gotten drunk and let the air out of the tires
for fun - something considered a joke in their own
country. They claimed that they had no bad intentions
and would compensate those affected.

Concluding the investigation, the prosecutor requested
a jail sentence of from four months to three years for
'damaging property'. The three tourists will be tried in
the Istanbul Court of First Instance.

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