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Cops Can't Resist Escorting Paris

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 October 2012)
Paris in velvet PJ's leaving town. Biker cops close by. 

Paris Hilton has gotten two cops who provided
an escort for her into trouble. Paris came to Istanbul
to make a commercial, along with an army of bodyguards.
She left her hotel the evening before last to participate
in Saba Tumer's program at a studio in Ayazaga. The
two motorcycle traffic police escorted her minibus the
entire way.

The two traffic cops waited until Paris' interview was
over and then escorted her back to her hotel. The driver
of Paris' minibus used the security lane and paid no
attention to traffic lights and one-way signs. The news
of the two copy escorting Paris of their own volition
hit police headquarters like a bomb, with Istanbul Police
Chief Huseyin Capkin ordering an inquiry right away.

The two cops were relieved of their motorcycles
and assigned to watch duty in a service building. They
claimed that they did not benefit in any way by
providing the escort, noting that "Paris Hilton's
security group chief  told us that 'it would be good
for Turkey's image if you help us out' so that's why
we did it. We didn't do it for any personal gain."

The policemen's penalty will be determined after an
administrative inquiry is completed.

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