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Tasty House of Hay Beckons Diners

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 October 2012)

Tasty house (left) and would-be diners

The building constructed of bales of hay in Şahmuratlı
village of Sorgun district in Yozgat has been fenced off
with barbed wire to pevent donkeys and cows from eating
it. The building houses the Kerkenesi and Şahmuratlı
Village Information and Beautification Association.

Sabri Erciyas, a member of the association's board, explained
that architect Francoise Summers, the wife of archeologist
Geoffrey Summers who came to Sorgun in 1993 to conduct
excavations on Kerkenes Mountain, initiated the project to
promote organic life in the village she visited each summer.
Erciyas said that Ms. Summers idea was inspired by the
bales of hay prepared in the village to feed the animals and
that she wanted to build a house that would be warm in
winter yet cool during the summer.

Erciyas stated that 'the Association's building was constructed
of 1000 bales of hay in 2005 but there aren't any ties between
the bales, just brick putty. The building isn't affected by earthquakes
and at first everything went well. But after the rain the putty
dissolves and then the donkeys and cows began to eat the house.
So that's why we put up the barbed wire fence.'

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