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Sell TV, Buy Shovel, Bury Victim

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(Sözcü Newspaper and DHA News Agency, 25 May 2011)

In Gurpinar, Istanbul, the body of Cafer Taner (53) was found by
picnickers after he had been strangled and buried by three friends.
The three unemployed youths, who admitted their crime, said that
they killed Taner because he didn't pay them the money he owed them.
It has been learned that the suspects sold a television they had in their
house in order to buy a shovel to bury Taner.

Some citizens who were having a picnik in Gurpinar on 11 May 2011
saw the half-buried body of a male and informed the police. When the
police arrived they found that the body, which was buried under
50 centimeters of dirt, had been partially unearthed by the scratchings
of dogs in the area.

Detectives from the homicide bureau determined during their investigation
that the finger prints of the victim belonged to Cafer Taner, who had been
arrested previously for electronics theft. At the police forensics lab it was
determined that Taner had been strangled to death. He had been sought
by police as a missing person since 19 April 2011. Based on records from
his cellphone, police learned that Taner had last talked with three persons
he was making a business deal with. As a result, Aykut O. (21), Fatih Ç.
(27) and Tacettin D. (24) were taken into custody.

It has been learned that the three suspects confessed to the crime during
their interrogations at the Public Safety Directorate. In their statements
they explained that they summoned Taner, who they said owed them
1500TL, to their house for a talk, which then devolved into the murder they

The suspects stated that Taner had pulled a gun on them, prompting them
to jump him and strangle him. When they realized he was dead they got
scared and ran from the house. Later they returned to the house, wrapped
the body in a rug  and put it into Taner's own car. They said that 'we
decided to bury the body but we didn't have any money. So we sold our
TV and bought a shovel from the hardware store. After we buried the
body we parked the car in a parking lot.'

During their investigation police had noticed the suspects from gas station
video they perused. The three had been caught on camera buying gas
for Taner's car after they had killed and buried him. The suspects were
sent to jail afte police processing.

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