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CSI Adana: Vacuum Cleaner Cord Killer

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 May 2011)

Gülşen Kaymak (40), who works as an accountant in a factory
in Adana, met driver Asaf Şaşmaz (46) three years ago and they
became lovers. But in order to continue their relationship the lovers
decided they had to eliminate Gülşen Kaymak's husband Halit Kaymak

The couple hired Ramazan Tatar (25) to kill the husband but on 30 June
2010 Tatar sprayed a neighbor's house with gunfire by mistake and in
another attempt he shot at Halit Kaymak's car. There were no fatalities
or wounded in either incident but court cases were files against Ramazan
Tatar and Asaf Şaşmaz for carrying unlicensed weapons.

While the court case was continuing, Asaf Şaşmaz purchased an apartment
in the same building where the Kaymak family was living. According to
claims, Şaşmaz, with help from Gülşen Kaymak, strangled Halit Kaymak on
28 December 2010, using the cable from a electric hand-held vacuum
cleaner while Halit Kaymak was alone in the house.

The police found the fingerprints of Asaf Şaşmaz on the vacuum cleaner,
the cable of which had been ripped off. Şaşmaz said that his prints may
have been on the vacuum because he had purchased it and given it to
Gülşen Kaymak as a gift. Şaşmaz also claimed not to know anything about
the Kaymak's house but its address was found recorded in his cellular

Şaşmaz ultimately confessed that he and Gülşen Kaymak had a relationship
and that he had given her a cellular telephone ((sic, vacuum cleaner)) as
a gift. He denied the murder accusation, however. Gülşen Kaymak, who
didn't realize that Şaşmaz had told police that 'I gave her the vacuum as
a gift', said in her statement that her husband had purchased the vacuum.
She stated that 'I had no role in the murder.'

The prosecutor has prepared an indictment concerning Şaşmaz for
premeditated murder and for Gülşen Kaymak for the crime of aiding in
the murder of her husband, both of which call for life sentences.
The trial will begin in the coming days.

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