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Border Tensions on Bulgarian and Greek Frontiers!

vulture (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 29 April 2011)

A wounded vulture was found along the banks of the Meriç River in
Edirne in January. When the word 'Spain' was found written on her
wing and a yellow bracelet with 'K06' was seen strapped to her foot
there was a thought that the vulture was being used for spying. Villagers
delivered the injured vulture to the Environment and Forestry Directorate
where a veteranarian determined that three shotgun wounds on the vulture's
wing had been inflicted by illegal hunters.

The vulture was bandaged and sent to Istanbul for treatment. Concurrently,
correspondence was exchanged with Spain about the vulture and it turned
out that the Spanish government had given the vulture, named Frida, to
Bulgaria as a gift in 2009. The Bulgarians then released Frida to the wild
with the aim of keeping track of her movements for five years. It was
determined that the vulture crossed the Turkey-Bulgaria border and
reached Edirne where she fell victim to the hunters' bullets.

After treatment was concluded Frida was delivered back to Bulgaria in
February. The vulture was kept in quarantine in the Bulgarian city of
Stara Zagora  and released to the wild on 27 April. Many of the people
who were involved in her rescue were invited to the ceremony held to
mark Frida's return to the wild. This time a chip was attached to the bird
so that Frida's movements and location can be tracked.


rowboat (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 28 April 2011)

A rowboat excursion for three Ayvalık boys turned out to be a big headache
for them. Mehmet Akgün (15), his cousin Ihsan Yavuz (16) and his classmate
Aykut Yücel (16) set out from Ayvalık on Saturday in a rowboat to roam
around. However, the wind dragged the boat into the Aegean for hours and
when it started taking on water amid the waves the boat sank. After swimming
for two hours the three youths found themselves washed up on the shore of
Midilli (Lesbos) Island on Sunday morning.

The residents of the island's Ksenia village noticed the three Turks and
reported the situation to the police, who took the three half-exhausted young
fellows to the hospital. Since it was Easter Sunday and the courts would be
closed on Monday, as well, official procedures to return the youths to
Turkey could only be started on Tuesday. Additionally, the process got
caught up in the wheels of the Greek bureaucracy. The prosecutor decided
that because they weren't adults the three Turks could not return to Ayvalık
on their own.

The three youths spent Tuesday in custody at the hospital and Aykut Yücel's
mother Aysel Yücel came to Midilli the day before yesterday to take the
boys back. Mehmet Akgün said this about their adventure: 'We were lost
in the middle of the sea. One of the oars fell in the water. The rowboat was
taking on water. When it began to sink we dove into the sea and swam for
more than two hours. We thought we were going to die.'


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