5 Mayıs 2011 Perşembe

Gals Take Revenge on Guys, For a Change

//ed. note: tables turned - news each day in Turkey is almost exclusively
about male on female violence. Herewith a couple of contrarian gals.//

tekkol (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 4 May 2011)

A bride who abandoned her husband on their wedding day must stay
away from him for a month. In Izmir, insurance man Mustafa Tekkol has
asked for court protection, claiming that he has been receiving threats
from his wife, who abandoned him during an argument at their wedding
reception, and her relatives.

After being abandoned on his wedding day Tekkol learned a week later
that his wife, Buse Yıldırım, has filed for divorce and is asking for
100,000TL for mental anguish. Tekkol has countersued for divorce and
has filed a criminal complaint against his wife, his father-in-law and his
wife's uncle.

The female judge in the 5th Family Court has issued a decision, stating
that the bride, Buse Yıldırım, 'must not engage in verbal or other behavior
that is violent or aimed at scaring any other family member; must not
approach her husband's home or work place for one month; and must
not harass any other family member with any means of communication.'

The judge also issued a decision warning Yıldırım that if she acts contrary
to these decisions she will be arrested and suffer penalties that will
restrict her freedom.


adsan (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 4 May 2011)

A meeting between two lovers who split up a while ago ended in blood
in Burhaniye district of Balıkesir province. Ayşe C. (30) went to meet
her ex-lover Mehmet Latif Adsan (32), who had suggested they get
together and chat, but she bloodied her hands in the process. Adsan
died from his wounds at the hospital after being stabbed in the chest
by Ayşe C.

The incident occurred around midnight on the night before last when
Ayşe C. met with her former lover Mehmet Latif Adsan at his invitation.
The two ex-lovers proceeded along Edremit Ülkü Road, whereupon,
according to Ayşe C., Mehmet Latif Adsan threatened her, saying
that he had a new lover. As the argument heated up Ayşe C. took
out a knife she was carrying, seriously wounded Adsan in the chest
and fled.

Police patrolling the area came upon the car with its doors open and
Adsan inside fighting for his life. He died at Edremit State Hospital.
Adsan's body has been sent to the Bursa Judicial Forensic Center
for an autopsy. Ayşe C. was taken into custody by police.

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