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Bad Guy's Extra Wife Proves His Undoing

kuma (links to original article)

(Milliyet Newspaper and Gündem71 website, 12 May 2011)

In Kırıkkale, 31year-old Zeynep G., who has five children, shot and killed
her husband Bülent G. with a hunting rifle while he was in bed with
22 year-old Filiz Y., whom Bülen G. had brought into the house as a
'kuma' (spare wife) one year ago.

The incident occurred in a shantytown in the Yenimahalle neighborhood
at about 1 AM. The unemployed Bülent G. had a record of nine separate
crimes, including theft, smuggling and threatening. He married Zeynep G.
11 years ago and they had five children together. But Bülent G. brought
in Filiz Y. as a 'kuma' a year ago and this sparked an argument between
Bülent G. and his lawful wife Zeynep G.

Bülent G. became irritated after the argument and left the room, telling
Zeynep G. that 'I'm going to sleep with the kuma.' Zeynep G. was
unable to contain herself and in a fit of jealousy she grabbed her husband's
hunting rifle, stormed the room where Bülent G. was lying with 'kuma'
Filiz Y. and shot the naked Bülent G. in the heart.

Neighbors who heard the shot alerted the police. An ambulance was
summoned for the seriously injured Bülent G. and he was taken to the
Kırıkkale Highly Specialized Hospital but he died en route.

Zeynep G. was taken into custody and the mother of five children
admitted her guilt during police questioning. She said that 'I didn't know
what I was doing in a moment of rage and jealousy. I'm sorry. I wouldn't
have wanted this to happen. Five children are left fatherless.' She was
taken to the courthouse yesterday morning. As for Filiz Y., during her
interrogation by police it was determined that she has a record for

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