14 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

Scourge of Mexican Banditos Continues in Izmir

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//ed. note: see our blog entry of 28 February 2011 for another incident of
Mexican banditos in Izmir//

(Sabah Newspaper, 13 May 2011)

Four Mexicans have been taken into custody based on the claim that they
committed grand theft on jewelry couriers in Izmir. The four bandits, one
of them a woman, are accused of having stolen 100,000TL from a jewelry
wholesaler in Istanbul, 100,000TL worth of gold from a jewelry courier in
Izmir and 10,000TL worth of gold in Ankara.

They were caught during their latest heist attempt. The suspects followed
a courier named S.Ş. with their car and when the S.Ş. went into a jewelry
store the theives seized the opportunity, breaking S.Ş.'s car rear window to
try to steal a bag with 250,000TL worth of gold in it. The suspects were
unsuccessful, however, and left the area.

The police were laying in wait to catch them red-handed and after a short
pursuit the persons in the car - Karen Y.S.P., Jesus G.F., Marcos T.S.
and Byron E.H.Q. - were taken into custody. It was determined that the
robbers cut a courier's car's tires and when the car is stopped in traffic
because of the flat tire the thieves steal the bag in the car.

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