13 Mayıs 2011 Cuma

One Special Mule - From Iraq to U.S. Via Turkey

smoke (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 12 May 2011)

The Turkish adventure of a donkey named Smoke that was found wounded
and nursed back to health by a group of American soldiers in Iraq, ended
yesterday. The 3-year old Smoke was taken by truck from the Istanbul farm
where he has been sheltered to the cargo terminal at Atatürk Airport. Smoke
ate grass behind the walls of the airport for a while before being put into a
special cage for the trip to America aboard a cargo plane.

Smoke was accompanied by his minder, American Terri Crisp, and a
woman from the Animal Rights Association. After training provided by the
Wounded Warriors Family Support Organization, Smoke will be used in
the rehabilitation of children in the state of Nebraska. The donkey was
found by Colonel John Folsom and his unit in 2008. Although Folsom left
Iraq and retired he couldn't forget Smoke and started the effort to bring
the donkey to the United States.

The Turkish Agriculture Ministry, however, was concerned that Smoke
might infect other animals with diseases and at first the donkey was
denied permission to enter Turkey from Iraq. Thanks to the efforts of
the American Embassy and army, as well as Turkish officials, the
necessary permission was obtained. 

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