16 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Snore at Your Own Risk

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(Sabah Newspaper and Doğan News Agency, 14 May 2011)

Mehmet Ala, who is 84 and lives in a retirement home in Bursa, killed his
roomate, 62-year old Mehmet Karataş, with a knife because Karataş was
snoring. After being taken into custody, Ala said 'I warned him not to snore.
I couldn't control myself. Now I regret it.'

The incident occurred at the Ali Osman Sönmez Retirement Home, which
is attached to the Social Services Provincial Directorate, located on Huzur
Boulevard in the Değirmenlikızık neighborhood of Yıldırm district. Ala,
who settled into the retirement home a month ago, was sharing a room
with Karataş who had been there for a year.  Ala was saying his prayers
last night at 2130 and afterwards he became unnerved by the snoring of
the sleeping Karataş.

Ala woke his friend up and admonished him, saying 'how many times have
I told you not to snore! If you're going to snore go to another room to
sleep.' The subesequent argument between the two turned into a fight and
Ala took a knife from his vest pocket, stabbing his roommate in the chest
twice. The seriously wounded Karataş was taken by retirement home
employees to the Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital, where he died despite
all efforts to save him.

Mehmet Ala was taken into custody by police and brought to the court.
He told journalists who were taking his picture that 'I'm regretful but I
warned him not to snore. I couldn't contain myself.' An investigation into
the incident has been begun by the Bursa State Prosecutor's Office.

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