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'56 Chevy's Bridal Tour Goes Awry

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 September 2012)

'56 Chevy crunched

The classic automobile tour of Istanbul for a bride and
groom turned into a nightmare. Allegedly,a truck driver
hoping to snare a one dollar gift envelope from the car
caused an accident. When the drivers got out of their cars
the 'E-5 (highway) War' broke out.

In Ataşehir, Istanbul, a wedding couple en route to Yıldız
Park to immortalize their happiest day with picture-taking
were involved in an accident with the classic car they were
riding in. The claim is that the accident was caused by a
truck driver intent on getting a one dollar gift envelope from
the happy couple.

According to available information, the driver of the classic
car (a 1956 Chevy Belair), Erdoğan Bilen, picked up the bride
and groom in Erenköy. Shortly thereafter, Erkoç Arda, driving
a truck with plate number 34 FY 1536, wanted to get a gift
envelope and came up close to the classic car. At this point,
Bilen lost control of the car and hit another car, plate number
34 A 6070, driven by Artin Çankır. The couple in the
convertible Chevy went into shock.

Classic car driver Bilen attacked truck driver Arda and the
Chevy's owners arrived soon afterwards, saw the damage to
their car and joined the fray. It wasn't long before the scene
took on the appearance of a battlefield. As punches and kicks
flew the police arrived and separated the combatants using
pepper spray.

Bilen, who has a role in the Kuzey Guney TV show, said about
truck driver Arda: 'he tried to cut us off for the envelope. The
most that was in the envelope was 1 dollar, maybe 5 liras. He
almost killed us for a dollar.'

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