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Lions Eat Their Young in Adana

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 August 2012)

Trouble in the Lion family

//ed. note: 'arslan' means 'lion' in Turkish//

In Yeniköy village of Ceyhan district, Adana, Türkan Arslan,
who is married to her cousin Hanifi Arslan, and Hanım Arslan,
who is married to her cousin Ömer Arslan, both left their
husbands and returned to their father's home. Last week Hanifi
Arslan and Ömer Arslan went to the house and argued with
their wives' brothers Yunus Arslan (19) and Yusuf Arslan (16).

Subsequently, on the eve of the Ramazan holiday, Yunus and Yusuf
went out to graze their sheep but when they didn't return their
father, Eyüp Arslan, went to look for them and found their bodies
in a corn field. The Gendarmerie took Hanifi Arslan, Adem Arslan,
Cumali Arslan, Haydar Arslan, Ömer Arslan, Hamza Arslan and
(yet another) Ömer Arslan into custody in connection with the

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