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No Freedom For Captive Truck

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 September 2012)

Imprisoned truck remains jailed

In Trabzon an unusual story about a truck...Muhammet
Gören, who lived in Geyikli town, participated in a
firm's truck-selling campaign in Istanbul in 1974. He
bought a truck and brought it back to Trabzon by sea.

Since Gören didn't have a driver's license someone else
drove the truck. In order to get plates for the truck Gören
went into Trabzon but en route he was fined for not
having plates (!). An enraged Gören returned to his village
without getting plates.

Gören's three sons began to use the truck for fruit and
vegetable sales in the nearby villages but this led to
arguments among the sons about who would use the truck.
At the same time, the sons were caught gambling, which
angered Gören, prompting him to build a 14 square meter
garage in his yard. He then locked the truck in the garage
in 1975 and resisted pleas from his sons and villagers to
free the truck, saying 'when I'm dead do whatever you want

Two years ago, Gören died at age 80 and his three sons
Osman, Halil and Bayram, and his daughter Hanım came
to an agreement about the truck. The decided to keep the
truck locked in the garage, even going so far as to get disaster
and theft insurance for it. Osman Gören said that 'what would
be the good of taking it out now.' Halil Gören noted that 'my
mother used to complain about carrying  loads on her back but
my father was unmoved and would say 'there's no truck, it's
dead.' We don't have the heart to take the truck out.'

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