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If I Had All The Money I Spent on...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 September 2012)

Ali Elik, saving not smoking

Ali Elik (56), who has seven children, shines shoes
for a living in Ordu's Ünye district and although he
doesn't smoke he saved the money he would have
spent on cigarettes - enough to buy an apartment
and to retire.

Elik said that he decided to save all the money he
would have spent on smoking. He explained that
'in 1989 I finished working in a machine shop and I
wondered how I would pay for my insurance. So
I started giving the 'cigarette money' to my wife and
she put it away.'

'First of all, I paid off my insurance and was able
to retire. Next we saved for a house and bought a
wooden one which we lived in for 12 years. We
added the 'cigarette money' to my retirement pay
and were able to build a concrete house. I watched
the masters in my spare time and learned how to
lay bricks, spread plaster, put in the water and
electrical lines, paint and put down the floors.'

Elik had some advice for addicted smokers: 'a pack
costs 7 liras. When you put this money away each
day you saving your children's future.'

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