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Mystery Horse Saved, Vanishes

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 September 2012)

Humans do horse a good turn

In Arnavutköy, near Istanbul, a horse that entered the
garden of Mustafa Örnek to graze stepped on a thin piece
of sheet metal covering a well and fell in. Örnek, alerted
by the horse's whinnying, came out from his house and
found the horse flailing about in the well.

Örnek and his neighbors tried mightily to rescue the horse
but without success, so the fire department was called to
the scene. The firefighters launched a rescue operation
using a rope and ladder. After six hours the horse was
finally extracted from the well.

The ownerless horse disappeared as soon as it was set
free.  Örnek, the homeowner, noted that ''even though my
garden is surrounded by a fence the horse hopped over it
and got into the garden. When it trod on the well cover it
collapsed and the horse fell in. We worked for hours to
get it out.''

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