21 Eylül 2012 Cuma

Bureaucrats Turned Pugilists

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(Posta Newspaper, 18 September 2012)

Punches fly in Tekirdağ

In Tekirdağ, the Çerkezköy Commerce and Industry
Bureau opened its meeting the day before yesterday
with a respectful salute to martyred soldiers. Then,
at the meeting the board of directors claimed that
there were some discrepancies associated with General
Secretary Selma Uğurlu's salary. Reacting to this,
Selma Uğurlu got into an argument with board member
Rahmi Yılmaz.

Burak Cebeci, who is Selma Uğurlu's nephew and a
worker at the bureau, entered the room and punched
Rahmi Yılmaz. Counterattacking, Yılmaz's brother
Salih Yılmaz, who is also a board member, punched
Burak Cebeci.

After the incident council chief Süleyman Kozuva
and two other council members resigned.

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