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Tombstone Spells Con Man's End

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 September 2012)

Camera-shy 'Doctor' Kılınç

Istanbul police learned the true name of a con man who
bilked five women in their 80's who had gone by themselves
for treatment to hospitals in Şişli, Taksim, Okmeydanı,
Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa, out of 180,000 TL, from the
writing on a tombstone.

The police captured 'Ismail Yıldırım', the suspect, on 16
August while he was posing as a phony doctor and he was
put in jail. They then went to search his home in Bahçelievler,
where they were met by the real Ismail Yıldırım. Police next
endeavored to determine the suspect's real identity and found
out that he lived in the Karagümrük neighborhood of Fatih.
Residents there identified the picture shown to them by the
police as 'Rıza Kılınç', whose wife Ayten Kılınç had died in
a traffic accident on 25 August 2008.

Police went to Yenidoğan Cemetary and found the proof they
needed - the tombstone on Ayten Kılınç's grave read ''We
weren't happy in this world, God willing we will be in the
afterlife. Your loving husband, Rıza''. Having determined
the 32 year-old Rıza Kılınç's real identity, police next learned
that he had escaped from Niğde prison where he was serving
time for sexual assault. It turned out that Kılınç had also raped
his late wife and was forced to marry her. Based on these
developments the prosecutor gave instructions to reinvestigate
the cause of Ayten Kılınç's death.

As for bilking the elderly women, Kılınç told them that ''I have
a network of businessman friends. I can get help for your
hospital expenses but your bank accounts have to be empty in
for you to get this money.'' Kılınç would then take the women
to a nearby bank and had them transfer all money in their
accounts to his accounts ''temporarily''. Kılınç would then

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