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Dance With Death Greets Hubby

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 September 2012)

Stabber S.Ç. in custody. Stabbee Ahmet Ç.(inset)

In Hendek district of Sakarya province, Ahmet Ç. (31)
brought home a dancer he met in a restaurant and was
stabbed to death by his wife when he got there. The
incident took place the night before last in Hendek's
Kemaliye neighborhood.

Ahmet Ç. had been at odds with his wife and went
out to a local restaurant to drink and have fun. There
he met dancer Ş.Y. and brought her back to his house.
Seeing that her husband and the father of their three
children had brought Ş.Y. to their house, S. Ç. (27)
got into an argument with Ahmet Ç.

Allegedly, Ahmet Ç. struck his wife and attacked her
with a knife. However, S.Ç. grabbed the knife from her
husband and stabbed him in the chest and back. The
bloodied Ahmet Ç. was taken to a hospital but the
unlucky fellow could not be saved. S.Ç. was taken into
custody after the incident.

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