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Georgian Aluminum Foil Heists Foiled

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 2 September 2012)

Georgian Nodar Tadua's aluminum foil fetish

On 29 August, a security team stationed at the Sultanahmet
tramway line followed four suspicious Georgians to Esenyurt
where Giorgia Gvarjalabze (41) Levani Alavidze (37), Lokabidze
Guram (27) and Xuchua Grigol (33) entered an electronics store.
The four suspects walked around the store for a while, put some
İPads in their bags and left.

Because they had lined their bags with aluminum foil the store's
inventory control alarm failed to detect the suspects' stolen goods.
Nevertheless, the security team was waiting for them outside the
store and arrested them all.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, yet another Georgian, Nodar Tadua
(32), was caught in Kartal stealing a camera from a different electronics
store. He also used the aluminum foil-lined bag technique, albeit

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