10 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

I'm a Hostage! Please Believe Me!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 September 2012)

H.B. (34) works as a waiter in Pendik, Istanbul,and as he
headed to work in the morning he was kidnapped by four
people. The kidnappers told H.B. to call his wife and tell
her to prepare a ransom for 5,000TL. H.B.'s wife, though,
assumed he was lying so she hung up on him when he called
her. Next, H.B. phoned his older sister but she didn't believe
him either.

When she didn't hear from H.B. again by evening, H.B.'s
older sister called the police and told them that 'he may have
been kidnapped.' The police then determined that H.B. had
in fact been kidnapped so they told his older sister to call
H.B. and tell him that the ransom was ready.

When the kidnappers came to the designated address to pick
up the ransom they were nabbed by the police. In the operation,
three people were taken into custody and H.B. was rescued.
After interrogations were completed two other individuals
were taken into custody. One of the suspects, Hikmet B.,
was jailed.

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