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Wrong-way Goal King

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(Sabah Newspaper, 31 October 2012)
Hamza Gecmis...in happier times.

The Karsiyaka-Goztepe football grudge matches
(derby) in Izmir are among the most important ones in
Turkey. Each team's fanatics await the match weeks
in advance, just like Fenerbahce-Galatasaray.

On 28 October an unlucky footballer made history
and was the laughing stock of social media after the
game was over. Up until yesterday most people had
not heard of him. But now they have after  33 year-
old Goztepe player Hamza Gecmis shot two goals
into his own net, handing archrival Karsiyaka the
2-0 victory.

Gecmis is now the topic of Goztepe supporters wrath,
with one saying "I wanted to congratulate Karsiyaka
but they didn't beat us, Hamza did. Congratulations
Hamza Gecmis, for God's sake take a shower and go
out and play from now on. Two goals into his own
net and in the derby no less! What can anyone say?
I can't even be bothered cursing him out."

And a Goztepe player getting backhanded compliments
from Karsiyaka supporters is hard to take. For example:
"the only person who can enter Karsiyaka Carsi (fanatics'
den) wearing a Goztepe uniform is Hamza Gecmis."
And "at the end of the match Hamza Gecmis went into
the Karsiyaka locker room by mistake." And "Goztepe's
Hamza made two goals but missed the hat trick (3 goals).
He's a good footballer but he's no Alex." (Brazilian star
formerly on Fenerbache.)

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