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Annoying Pizza Ads' Costly Backfire

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 May 2013)

Vanquishes the relentless ad pests!

In Beşiktaş, Istanbul, a pizza victory for an Italian lawyer...
The interesting incident developed this way: the lawyer,
Dimitra Köknar, ordered a pizza from a famous pizza
restaurant near her office. The pizza firm records the cellphone
numbers of customers on its message system and shortly
afterwards it began sending advertisement messages to Köknar's

Köknar went so far as to go to the restaurant, saying that she did
not want to receive the ads and she asked the restaurant to be
understanding on this matter. When the ads didn't stop coming,
though, Köknar decided to file a complaint with the court,
asking that those responsible be dealt with. She did not give up
her quest, either.

The public prosecutor began an investigation and the restaurant's
Beşiktaş manager, Mahmut Arslan,was invited to the police
station to give a statement. Aslan said he wanted to reach an
agreement with Köknar and the two ultimately agreed to an
interesting settlement. Köknar's only condition was that the
restaurant had to send 60 mid-size pizzas to an orphanage.

The pizza firm sent the 60 pizzas to an orphanage in Istanbul
a few days ago, at a cost to the firm of about 1,000 TL. Köknar
was pleased with the outcome, noting how much kids love
pizza. The pizza restaurant firm's directors had no comment.

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