14 Mayıs 2013 Salı

Fake Cops Meet Real Ones

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 May 2013)
Heading for real prison.

A 9-member gang that roamed the Istanbul-Edirne
highway wearing police uniforms and flashing
police lights as the members robbed truck drivers, has
been caught red-handed.

Based on descriptions from the victimized truck
drivers, the Gendarmerie began to track the suspects.
Then the real police donned civilian clothes and drove
trucks on the highway in hopes of having the gang
stop them.

The gang, in police uniforms, stopped a vechicle
driven by the plainclothes Gendarmerie officers and
told them "get out, you're carrying narcotics."  But
the real police sent a message to their back-up team,
which quickly arrived on the scene. Nevertheless, the
gang members tried to persuade their captors, saying
"there's a misunderstanding. We're narcotics police."

Other gang members were captured during raids on
their homes.  The gang has been responsible for more
than 30 robberies over the past six months. The alleged
gang leader, Soner Kaya, was one of four gang members

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