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Bat-Groom Threatens Suicide

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(Internethaber, 23 May 2013)
Bat-groom's identity unknown

A couple who agreed to get married got quite
a shock at the Batman wedding bureau when the girl
decided to forego the marriage at the wedding
table. Hearing this, the groom headed for the
roof of the building in a suicide attempt.

The groom, a Batman resident, and the girl, from
Erzurum, met via social media and decided to
get married. The couple then applied to the Batman
Municipal Wedding Bureau for the nuptials to
be performed.

However, when the couple arrived at the bureau
for the ceremony the girl's family persuaded her
to abandon the idea. As the girl told the presiding
municipal official that she did not want to marry,
the groom went berserk. Failing to persuade
his intended, the unnamed young man headed for
the roof of the 5-story building, vowing to jump

Because of the crowds in the corridors, municipal
workers were able to subdue the would-be groom.
Both the boy's and the girl's families were taken
to the police station to give statements and an
investigation into the incident has been begun.

Batman policemobile

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