12 Mayıs 2013 Pazar

Turks on Long Island "Take 5", and More

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 May 2013)
Think about getting a second opinion...

Marvin Choy Nij, a Guatemalan living in the Long
Island region of the US state of New York, bought
a lottery ticket last month. Since his English was poor,
Nij sought help from gas station workers Yalcin Nergiz
(41) and Yunis Ozturk (33), both Turks.

When the Turks checked Nij's ticket on the computer
they told him he had won 774 USD and paid him that
amount in cash. In fact, the taxable value of the ticket
was 48,318.27 USD.  The two Turks and a relative,
Orhan Ozturk, are charged with having stolen the prize
money and sharing it among themselves.

The suspicious situation emerged when Nij told the
merchant who had sold him the ticket that he had won
774 USD. Winners of the "Take 5" lottery can only
be paid up to 600 USD by the merchant who sold them
the ticket.

The three Turks, charged with robbery, were to have
been tried on Wednesday but when a Turkish translator
couldn't be found the hearing was postponed to

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