3 Mayıs 2013 Cuma

Forgetful Sarge Burned by Funny Money

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 May 2013)
Something fishy about that cash.

Sergeant  H.H.O. (39), who is stationed in Izmir, sold
a car that he had used for a year to an automobile dealer
in Buca, Izmir. Afterwards, the dealer inspected the car
and found a box in the trunk with 15,000 TL in it. Thinking
the money might be counterfeit, the dealer called the finance
police who confirmed that is was phony and had a chat with
the sergeant.

H.H.O. admitted that the money was counterfeit but explained
that he had lost his wife recently and had a 40,000 TL debt
on his home.  He confessed that he had bought the phony
money in exchange for a 10 percent commission. Police then
turned H.H.O. over to the military police who put him in a
military prison.

The counterfeiter sergeant used some of the phony money
to shop at the canteen at his base  and this money was
determined to have the same serial number as the discovered
loot. Police are looking into whether or not any more of the
counterfeit money has found its way to the market.

Funny money in Izmir.

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