8 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba

House on Fire! So What...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 May 2013)
What fire? I was watching TV.

Everyone in the neighborhood except the
homeowner was out on the street when
a fire broke out in a single-family home,
number 19 on First Bican street, in the
Ismetpasa Caddesi Dere neighborhood of

Firefighters suspected that the homeowner
may have passed out from the smoke and,
together with a health team, they climbed a
ladder up to the second-floor balcony, broke
a window and entered the house.

The surprised homeowner asked the firefighters
what was going on. In reply they told homeowner
Talat Bagirsakci that "your house is on fire and
we came to save you." Bagirsakci countered with
"Who started it? I don't know anything about a
fire. I was watching TV. I noticed some light smoke
but I figured the kids had lit a fire outside so I
didn't pay it any mind."

Bagirsakci didn't want to leave his burning house,
saying "Nothing will happen. Let the fire die out
and I'll go out the front door." He refused to climb
down the ladder and as he waited on the balcony,
the fire was put out in half an hour.


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