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Wrong Day for a Loan

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 23 May 2013)
Doesn't even look like A.B.!

In Besiktas, Istanbul, Ahmet Gokcay (58) went to a bank
in order to get a loan using the identity card of one A.B.
However, thanks to a big coincidence, Gokcay's plan met
with disappointment.

Gokcay had already 'borrowed' 10,000 TL from the bank
using the false identity card and had returned to make an
application for 90,000 TL more on 16 May. The documents
were prepared and sent up to the bank director for his signature.

This is where the fateful coincidence occurred because
when the documents arrived in the bank director's office,
sitting across from the him was his friend and bank
customer, the real A.B. The surprised director asked A.B.
if he had applied for a loan and the equally shocked A.B. said
no but confirmed that the information on the application
was his and was correct.

Meanwhile as Gokcay waited on the floor below for the
director's approval, the director called his staff and told
them to distract Gocay, saying that the police were on their

Gokcay was taken into custody and A.B. filed a complaint
against him. In his statement at the police station, Gokcay
said that "I'm jobless, I'm not working. A friend of mine
told me 'since you're jobless let's make some money for
you.' I agreed and he gave me the ID, pasted my picture on
it and said 'go get some money' so I did. I don't know what
happened and I don't know where the guy who gave me the
ID card is."

The prosecutor had Gokcay taken to court, from where he
was transported to jail.

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